Monday, January 25, 2010

Christened Cupcakes

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Okay, so these cupcakes aren't actually christened. Rather, they were for a christening. My friend & loyal customer Katie had a super cute baby back in the fall. Rocco (that's the baby) was just baptized this past weekend and for his celebration, Katie ordered two dozen chocolate cupcakes with various types of frosting. Normally, I'm not sure if I'd go through all that rigamarole for just two dozen cupcakes. But since she's always extremely loyal and supportive, whatever Katie wants Katie gets! Plus, she's always willing to stray from the norm and order different flavors of frosting! I love it!

You ready for the pics? Of course you are. And away we go!

First up, we have a lovely shot of 3 of the 4. The Tiffany Blue dollop is your basic cream cheese frosting with a royal icing topper. In the middle is the classic salted caramel frosting (Katie's willing to stray from the norm EXCEPT for this one. She L-O-V-E-S this one. As do most). Then on the far left we have Cookies n' Cream. It's a vanilla frosting with Oreo cookies mixed in, then it's rolled in even MORE Oreos. Mmmm, Oreos... anyway, moving on...

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Cookies n' cream frosted cupcakes... this is when I start drooling...

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All six cream cheese frosted cupcakes with alternating royal icing toppers.

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And finally, the surprise. Katie got an extra cupcake with her order of 24. Her birthday was a few days earlier so I piped a special cream cheese frosted cake just for her. It's a flower...incase it's not super obvious. So, I received Martha Stewart's Cupcakes for Christmas. It has a lot of great piping ideas and tricks. In the book, there's a gorgeous chrysanthemum flower technique. It looks great, but it's actually quite simple. That is, if you have the right frosting.

This is what I tried. Only, my cream cheese frosting? Yeah, that didn't want to hold the shape. So instead it came out squiggly/ribbon-y. This is when I need to actually do a Swiss Buttercream, but that's a whole other story. But you know... I think it looks kind of carnation-y. I like it!! I was planning on doing a paper leaf & paper flag topper all along b/c 1) I didn't want to color more frosting just for a tiny leaf and 2) it needed to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Plus, I think they add character and a personal touch since I'm a graphic designer--this is the kind of little thing I geek out on.

So that's my story. Rocco's baptism cupcakes + Katie's special birthday cupcake. In the meantime, I'll go work on that Swiss Buttercream and flower piping technique.

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