Monday, February 09, 2009

Valentine's Day Special!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so I'm hopping in on the action! This holiday is nothing but perfect for indulging in ooey gooey sugary goodies. You know what that means... CUPCAKES.

So for those of you in Columbus (or in Columbus this weekend), I will be offering a special deal of 6 cupcakes (that's a half dozen) for $10. Whether it's for you and some friends, you and your bf/gf/husband/wife, or just for yourself, it's the perfect amount.

I will be baking these two kinds:

• red velvet cupcakes, vanilla malt frosting

• chocolate cupcakes, raspberry amaretto frosting

They will be ready after 1 pm on Saturday, Feb 14. Depending on how many orders I get and where you are located, we'll discuss details about pick-up/delivery.

If you're interested in this sweet deal, let me know SOOOON! But the deadline is by Thursday evening at 6 pm. That's the cut-off.

If you want to know more details, contact me via email.

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