Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peanut Butter Toffee Grahamwiches

• — • — •
It's been a REEEEAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY long time since I blogged. Oy. I'm so sorry! It gets a little hectic around here sometimes. Can I get an assistant? Preferably someone willing to work for $1/hour? Plus all the baked good leftovers they could want? Fat chance. Sigh.

I wanted to post the latest grahamwiches. The grahamwiches come out most frequently for the Grandview Hop, during which they sell out. Between last-minute prep for the Hop, and no leftover inventory, photo ops are slim. I recently had an order for an artisan open house and was able to take some pics before pick-up time. These are peanut butter frosting filled grahamwiches, dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled with homemade toffee bits.

• — • — •
Yeah, tasty little things, aren't they? The order also included key lime grahamwiches, which are my personal favorite combination.

So that's the lastest. Grahamwiches, taking over my kitchen. With the holidays here now, there's a different item taking over, and that's MARSHMALLOWS. Sticky, marshmallow goo EVERYWHERE. Nothing in my kitchen is safe (especially not me or my hair)! At least it cleans up easily after a little soak. This year I'm making Earl Grey-Lavender Marshmallows and Salted Caramel Marshmallows. If the Salted Caramel variety turns out well, I'm guessing those will be the crowd favorite. No one can turn down salted caramel, no matter how much they try.

I guess that's a sign I should go tend to my mallow mess. Until we meet again, have a safe and happy holiday season, friends!

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