Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alert! Updated Menu and New Items! :-)

Hey all. I've recently updated my menu and the new PDF is available for download. You can download it on the top right side of the page in the CUPCAKE MENU section, or you can click here. It will take you to Mediafire, and you can download from it from there.
• — • — •
So what's new? Why an updated menu? First, the Grahamwich has been added as an official item. Grahamwiches use the same frostings as the cupcakes, except for ganache and lemon glaze, of course. But aren't you excited?? ;-)

Next, the Frosting family has grown! The chocolate ganache selection is more plentiful with original, spicy, orange, mocha, and mint. Oh, how to choose?! Furthermore, two brand new frostings, key lime and coconut, have been added!

Welcome to the family, Key Lime! Glad you could join us, Coconut. :-)

And the key lime? It's quickly becoming a fan favorite. So much so that this month I'll have key lime cupcakes at the Grandview Hop on Saturday, June 26, so come on out and grab one! I'll also have cinnamon toast cupcakes, strawberry grahamwiches, and s'mores with homemade marshmallow filling. It's like the original grahamwich, just augmented to awesomeness! Plus, I'm planning on having a cookie that'll be 2/$1. Those always go over well. But what kind of cookie—now that's the question!

Alright guys, back to the grindstone. I have some baby shower cupcakes to get ready for. Until next time...

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