Thursday, May 06, 2010

Meet the Grahamwiches.

Everybody, I would like you to meet The Grahamwich. Grahamwich, I'd like you to meet... everybody.
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Grahamwich. Say what? GRAM-wich, like sandwich. Noun. A sandwich made of homemade graham crackers (yes, really homemade) with frosting in between, then partially dipped in chocolate and garnished with...something else.

It all started one day at work when I was in desperate need for a snack. I was rummaging through my desk drawer (where I have a hefty snack supply, let me tell you), and I came across a leftover bag of little bitty graham cracker sticks. Or as Kroger refers to them, Graham Stix (Clever using that "x," guys). Anyway, I digress. It was late in the afternoon and I needed a snack and I needed it right that second. The graham sticks were a good start, but it wasn't enough. Luckily, I also keep a jar of peanut butter at work because 1) it's delicious 2) it's full of protein 3) it's delicious. Graham cracker sticks + peanut butter. This could work. So in the peanut butter the graham sticks went and it. Was. Good. Really good. Surprisingly good, actually. That's when I had an idea. THE GRAHAMWICH.

Homemade grahams, in progress.

• — • — •
Homemade graham cracker, topped with peanut butter, dipped in chocolate, and then covered in sprinkles... or toffee, or nuts, or anything, really. Because hungry or not hungry, those cheapy little Kroger brand "stix" with the Smart Balance Peanut Butter (Shout out to Smart Balance PB) were awesome. How could you go wrong with this concept? There is no going wrong.

Ever since I gave birth to the idea of the grahamwich, I was dying for a chance to actually BAKE the grahamwiches. There was just no time or opportunity. Until it happened. A friend at work asked if I could bake "something delicious" for a birthday for a friend of hers. I gave her two choices, because the request came pretty late in the game. Option 1 was the glorious invention of the grahamwich. Option 2 was the standard cupcake, but preferably with a frosting like vanilla malt or salted caramel--something quick and easy. This girl is no newbie to the world of fine baked goods. She knows a thing or two, and she's also always ready for a culinary adventure. The idea of "homemade graham cracker" reeled her in and got her hooked on the idea of the grahamwich, which made me super excited because FINALLY! I CAN TRY THIS PUPPY OUT!

• — • — •
While creating the components, I was thinking... it doesn't necessarily have to be peanut butter frosting. It could be anything, really. Vanilla malt would be fantastic in this case. Classic, but with a twist, and perfect with the graham. My friend/customer, was of course, up for two flavor options. Seriously, the baker is willingly offering you a variety--who's going to turn that down?!?

• — • — •
So here they are. My little grahamwiches. Delicious and cute as a stinking button. Remember Dunkaroos?? Yeah, like that, sort of, only BETTER. But you know what I'm most psyched about?? THE POSSIBILITIES. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES, PEOPLE!! I am brimming with excitement! Graham + salted caramel frosting + chocolate + homemade toffee. Graham + chai frosting + white chocolate. I mean, I could go on and on but I'll try not to. So when I'm able, I think I'll be revising my menu to include the grahamwich. I'll be working on some suggested combos as well. They're available for order, folks, and I highly recommend it! The Grahamwich. Coming soon to a party tray near you!

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