Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BE A LUSH on Valentine's Day!

The Valentine's Day Special is back y'all!!!! HOLLA!!!!!! Click on the pic to see it at full-size.
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Click me, s'il vous plait.
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Here's the deal. Like it says, $10 for one box of 6 (that's a half-dozen) cupcakes. There are two flavor combo options:

[1] Strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting, dipped in chocolate
[2] Red velvet cupcake with vanilla malt frosting

They're both delicious, I promise you. You pick them up on Saturday, February 13 between 2pm-4pm.

Want to order? OF COURSE you do. Send me an email at Orders must be made by WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd! You have ONE WEEK FROM TODAY to think about it! I take cash & Paypal. I'll send out Paypal invoices so both of us have a record of your order and payment status, but feel free to pay with cash if you prefer (just let me know if that's how you plan to pay).

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