Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be a lush...

Are you a lush? Come on, you know you are. If not, I highly suggest that you become one. Or better yet... become a fan!

Guess who just got a Facebook page! Well, I, as a person, have been on Facebook for quite sometime. I was in college when it all started—I remember the days when it was still "Thefacebook." But as a BUSINESS, my page is fresh out the oven. It's easier to update Facebook rather than the blog, so look there for additional tidbits, current happenings, and process photos. I'll still keep the blog going, of course! But Facebook will be more frequent. I have a small event coming up, so it'd be a good time to show a progress image or two. Or maybe gather ideas on new flavors? Post new promotions? You get the idea.

Plus, the more "fans" I acquire, I can eventually claim a Username, enabling me to shorten the link and be "" instead of "" I'm not going to lie—there are technological benefits to gaining friends. So, if you fan me, that'd be totally awesome.

Thank you guys for your support! I hope to see you there!

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