Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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The Valentine's Day Special is back!

Here's the deal. Like it says, $10 for one box of 6 (that's a half-dozen) cupcakes. There are two flavor combo options:

[1] Strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting, dipped in chocolate
[2] Red velvet cupcake with vanilla malt frosting

You choose either one flavor combo, or opt for the popular "3 & 3" box. You pick them up on Saturday, February 12 between 2pm-4pm. That way you can enjoy them all weekend long!

Want to order? OF COURSE you do. Send me an email at

Orders must be made by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd! That's NEXT WEEK, PEEPS! I take cash & Paypal. I'll send out Paypal invoices so both of us have a record of your order and payment status, but feel free to pay with cash if you prefer (just let me know that that's how you plan to pay).

Sounds good? Have any questions? If so, you know how to reach me. Ready? Set... Order! XOXO ;-)

PS: In case you want a recap of last year's goods, read this post.

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