Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heaven for sale. And by Heaven, I mean frosting.

Tasting frosting is like tasting chocolate. You don't just gobble it whole, oh no no. To fully experience the glory within the light, sugary fluff, you must taste it by itself. Take a small lick and let it sit on your tongue for a second. Then smooth it against the roof of your mouth to feel the textures and grind the flavors into your tastebuds. Let the aromas fill your nose. (okay, up close it might just smell like sugar, but give it a second, it'll kick in).

Oh, sweet luscious frosting. If it's truly good frosting, this little gesture will unlock a small but amazing moment of sheer bliss.
Perhaps the bliss is the grainy texture--is it malt? Is it salt? Perhaps it's blissfully smooth and silky--it is creamy chocolate? good-enough-to-be-ice-cream strawberry? Or maybe it's a little spicy kick that's sweet at first, then "HELLO!"--it surprises you in the end with a little punch. Cinnamon? Cardamom?

Stick with me, baby. Frostings are an experience within themselves, and ideally, all experiences should be wonderful, right? That's where I come in.

I sell frosting. Delicious pint-sized containers of frosting for you to smooth onto cakes, cookies, or just your finger. A little tub of heavenly indulgence. Here are the details:


Flavors Available:
• cream cheese: $10/pint
• vanilla malt: $12/pint
• amaretto: $10/pint
• chocolate fluff: $10/pint

• cinnamon cream cheese: $10/pint
• strawberry: $12/pint
• raspberry amaretto, aka True Love: $12/pint
• salty caramel: $12/pint

• chai spice: $12/pint
• cookies & cream: $10/pint


Three days notice is all that is needed.
The beauty in this is that the frostings have a shorter turn-around time.

Each pint will frost approximately 2 dozen cupcakes (that's 24 for you non-mathies). I say "approximately" b/c it all depends on how much you load up. I could easily frost 26--i know, i know, it's only two more cupcakes, but those two can make a difference!

Next time you need some frosting and don't want to choose between 5 different kinds of white and 4 kinds of chocolate out of a can in some aisle in the groc, come to me. Seek my help. Seriously, you will be delighted that you did.

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