Saturday, August 07, 2010

Farmer's Market Blitzkrieg

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Saturdays can be a little rough around here. When it's a busy month, it's usually b/c I'm up late on Fridays and up again early the next Saturday morning baking away. Then between the usual monthly visit home to the fam and whatever other events are going on, a lazy weekend is SOOO EXCITING. Thankfully, this is one calm weekend for me and my bf George. We haven't gotten over to the farmer's market yet this year so that's how we started our Saturday. There are a lot of local farmer's markets here in Cbus, but we prefer the popular Clintonville Farmers' Market. Not that we live there, but it's close enough and we usually see a friend or two... or three. Yay for local, right? :-) The market goes from 9-12. We got there a little after 11:30. But that didn't matter. We still did plenty of damage in record time! Our tally:

• one green zucchini
• two yellow zucchini
• 6 peaches
• small basket of blackberries (score!)
• basket of green beans
• two cheeses: string cheese and a chipotle something or other
• one 12 oz. bear of honey
• one yellow watermelon (personal-sized)
• one super juicy red watermelon (also personal-sized)
• one cantaloupe
• one honeydew
• three patty pan squash
• — • — •
Everything...for the most part.
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PLUS we stopped at a BBQ cart/stand outside of Global Gallery on High St for one BBQ pork sandwich and 4 ribs. Hey, shopping for fruits and veggies works up quite the carnivorous appetite! Hah. Hello fruits, veggies, and meats! Good-bye, cash!

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We're psyched though. I am particularly excited about the Patty Pan squash. All morning I've been randomly yelping "Patty Pan!" Just b/c it's fun. And they're funny looking. What's not to love about that? I had some last night at the restaurant DeepWood so I was kind of on a mission for it this morning.

• — • — •
Sadly, I don't think I'll be baking with any of this stuff. I'm tempted by the blackberries, but they're too precious. I think we'll just be savoring them in their natural state.

• — • — •
Although, you know, I may just have to muddle a few of these babies into a cocktail. Nothing's every too precious for a cocktail. ;-)

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