Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lush Blossoms.

Hello, pretties!
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This morning I filled an order for a girl's 13th birthday party. There was much brainstorming between her mother and me, but in the end we decided on some brightly colored flowers for the 12 vanilla-vanilla malt cupcakes in the order.
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I call these little babies "Lush Blossoms." You may remember them from a post a few months ago. They're not a technical method of flower piping—they're not roses, they're not begonias or pansies, they're not chrysanthemums. They're just...really cute flowers. If you ask me, they're a cross between a dahlia and a mum. A "dalimum," maybe? A "chrysanthlia?" No. Too complicated. Forget it. I call them "LUSH BLOSSOMS." Why? B/c I'm Sugarlush. My brand is Sugarlush. My tagline varies between "Be a lush," or "Are you a lush?" and b/c I created these little ladies. So they're mine. At least, I think they are. I'm owning it, gosh darn it! And "blossom" is kind of generic for "flower," plus it sounds so much better. So "Lush Blossoms" it is!

The party is this afternoon so I'm just hoping all goes well. It should... right? For some reason I'm always still so nervous after my orders are picked up. One of these days, I'll get over it.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love how you used two tones. What tip did you use?

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